Curatio International Foundation at Seventh Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2022)



During October 31 – November 04, 2022, Bogota, Colombia hosted the Seventh Global Symposium on Health Systems Research. Research team of Curatio International Foundation actively participated in the symposium, organized couple satellite sessions and presented research outcomes to different sessions.

Curatio International Foundation was hosting HSG secretariat from 2015 till 2020.

Around 2,000 participants from around the world gathered to discuss the politics and policies of health systems, intersectoral collaboration and integrative governance on the road for health in all policies, the changing dynamics of health provision models to promote equity and the central role of human resources for health, the role of comprehensive primary care in promoting sustainability and the contribution of new technologies.

Read more about our experts and researchers’ participation in the Global Symposium and see their presentations and satellite sessions below:

  1. Field Building using HSG’s Capacity Strengthening Framework: Case Studies from Partners 

About the session: HSG’s CS Framework: Importance for building the field of HPSR.
World Cafe interactive discussions: Using the HSG CS framework, this session described case studies of how CS can build capacity across levels. Session was
organized by the HSG Board Capacity Strengthening Working Group

Featuring CIF team members:

Maia Uchaneishvili – Research Unit Director at CIF presented case study on HPSR based policy making capacity strengthening in Georgia. The insights and important aspects of the Embedding Rapid Reviews in decision making in health policy of Georgia was shared and active discussion took place about the main challenges and main successes in the process.

Download the presentation here:

  1. Development and evaluation of integrated Tuberculosis care with Pay for Performance in Georgia – what are lessons for the region and beyond?

About the session: It is increasingly recognized that providers P4P needs to be embedded in a wider reforms package to impact performance. We shared Georgia’s experience of introducing tuberculosis integrated care with P4P approach. The session drew on policymakers and researcher perspectives, reflecting on policy co-design experiences, trial, costing, and realist methods. Satellite session was organized by Curatio International Foundation

Featuring CIF team members:

Akaki Zoidze- Lead researcher at CIF, PI of the study. Dr. Zoidze shared insights about how was the intervention adopted and implemented, for whom and in which conditions does it work?

Ivdity Chikovani- Lead researcher at CIF, Co-I of the study, presented the impact of the provider-focused P4P scheme on patients’ adherence to tuberculosis treatment and treatment outcomes of both Drug-Susceptible (DS) and Drug Resistant (DR) patients in Georgia?

Natia Shengelia – researcher/consultant at CIF remotely presented the costing study outcomes.

Lela Sulaberidze – researcher/consultant at CIF remotely presented the realist evaluation results.

Download the presentations here:

  1. Coverage without financial protection – why does catastrophic health expenditure persist under some UHC schemes and what can we do about it?!

About the session: While progress has been achieved increasing population coverage with different schemes for UHC commensurate improvements in financial protection have not been observed as OOPs remain high and catastrophic spending rates increased between 2000 and 2017. This session discussed potential reasons for the failure financial protection and debate policy solutions. Satellite session has been organized by Curatio International Foundation

Featuring CIF team members:

George Gotsadze- President of CIF. Principal Investigator of the study. He revealed the reasons for increased Out of Pocket and catastrophic health expenditures in the context of UHC, presenting qualitative findings arising from Georgia.

Download the presentation here:

  1. Results of the first ever (HPSR) Partners Report

About the session: The results of the 2021 Partners’ HPSR Report has been shared. The report gives insights into the development and evolution of HPSR in LMICs, and advocates for greater investments in HPSR at country-level. The Report reflects the complex nature of HPSR across a diversity of countries, highlighting the different ways that HPSR is organized. Satellite session was organized by Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

Featuring CIF team members:

Maia Uchaneishvili:  Research Unit Director at CIF, was participating in panel discussion and highlighted the importance of limited local funding of HPSR in LMICs and critical need of capacity strengthening in the

  1. Transitions from external assistance for health in the era of COVID-19: What have we learned and what needs to change?

About the session: Informed by research from six LMICs, this participatory session targeting policymakers, funders and researchers will develop policy-relevant learning to inform the development of new models of external assistance that will enable countries to sustain the coverage of critical health interventions previously supported by donors in the absence of donor support. Satellite session has been organized by Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

Featuring CIF team members:

George Gotsadze: President of CIF, shared the outcomes of the study about how Georgia managed to sustain public health gains after the transition and provided recommendations to other countries on what should be considered during the transition from external support.

Download the presentation here:

  1. Contribution of the Private Sector in Health Systems Resilience and Reform- Stronger together

About the session:  This one-day symposium gathered diverse stakeholders engaged with the private sector in health to share new research approaches on how to make best use of private health sector advancements and regulation in LMIC settings to find complementarities and a common platform for health advancement. Satellite session was organized by Private Sector TWG.

Featuring CIF team members:

Mari Tvaliashvili – Researcher at CIF discussed and presented the study results about the risks arising from fragmented healthcare market in Georgia.

Download the presentation here:

  1. Publication Mentorship Programme

About the session:  This session was open only to mentor and mentee pairs of the HSG, Alliance and HPP Publication Mentorship Program for First-time Women Authors in the Field of HPSR. Satellite session was organized by HSG

Featuring CIF team members:

George Gotsadze: President of CIF, has been participating as a mentor of the program.





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