Georgia HIS Strategic Plan posted on Health Metrics Network website

HMN takes the initiative to publish HIS strategic plan produced by Curatio International Foundation on its website.

The first baseline assessment of HIS was carried out in 2006 in East Georgia by Curatio International Foundation. It applied the HMN (Health Metrics Network) Framework as a guide and HMN Health Information System Situation Analysis Tool. The assessment results provided strong foundation to building a more comprehensive HIS development plan, which has been realized in the strategic plan.Development of Strategic Plan for the Development of Health Information Systems in Georgia became possible within the framework of a grant pledged by HMN.

HMN has always been contributing to facilitation of active engagement of countries, development partners, technical agencies, and stakeholders through various means. In June 2009 HMN started publishing the results of all assessments and strategic plans on its own website. HMN management believes that sharing information is an important step towards better understanding of the context of the country and strengthening HIS. This will also solidify links between stakeholders and partners focusing on HIS reform issues.

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