The COVID-19 epidemic in Georgia Projections and Policy Options

Curatio International Foundation continues to support the Georgia government by providing evidence for evidence-informed decision making. Current effort – a Rapid Response document – represents an evidence synthesis about effective measures to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the epidemic is unknown to the world, the experience of countries that have taken successful steps in the epidemic response is essential.

Presently, such countries include South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Based on the summarized evidence, we identified a set of measures for an effective response to the epidemic.

The document also presents different projected scenarios of how the epidemic may expand in the country based on the modeling exercise conducted on March 19th 2020. Two different tools were used for modeling:

  1. COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics (developed in Pennsylvania by Penn Medicine Predictive Healthcare Team)
  2. FluSurge2.0 (developed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Pandemic Influenza)

The evidence synthesis product was shared with the Ministry of Internally displaced persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and the Prime Minister’s office on March 23rd 2020.

The rapid response has been developed under the ERA platform, financially supported by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (AHPSR), under the World Health Organization (WHO).

Download the document here.

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