An Impact Evaluation of Medical Insurance for Poor in Georgia: Preliminary Results and Policy Implications

An International peer reviewed journal Health Policy and Planning has published an article An impact evaluation of medical insurance for poor in Georgia: preliminary results and policy implications, authored by Curatio International Foundation experts.

The authors evaluated the impact of Medical Insurance for Poor in Georgia (MIP), the Government program that delivered state-subsidized health benefits to the poorest groups of the Georgian population through contracts with private insurance companies.

This study documented that after 3 years of the MIP implementation the program successfully managed to reduce financial access barriers for the MIP covered individuals by delivering greater financial benefits to the poorest. Although the MIP did not facilitate growth in health care utilization for all beneficiaries, positive trends were observed among capital city residents.

The equity impact of the MIP and improved financial protection, especially for the poor, are benefits to be considered by the government for the Universal Health Coverage.

Visit ResearchGate to read and download the article.

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