The civil society gathered for the fourth time to discuss healthcare system challenges in Georgia

On September 27-29, the fourth work meeting of a civil society was held in Kachreti. Representatives of a civil society, media, and academia convene under the framework of the joint project of Curatio International Foundation and Open Society Foundation.

The project aims at empowering organizations working on health issues and their active member to make them able to respond to challenges of the health care system, to bring them together around specific issues and to make the system more accessible, effective and human-oriented through their concerted effort.

The goal of the fourth meeting with the civil society was to enhance skills of effective communication in response to healthcare challenges to make it easy to engage in advocacy in the future and to provide evidence-based solutions to decision-makers. Ms. Gvantsa Asatiani, an expert on communications talked about methods and the latest approaches to advocacy communication. We will also plan for the follow-up actions for the future activity of the society.

During the previous three meetings, the civil society discussed the challenges of the pharmaceutical sector and analyzed current arrangements on the market making medications less accessible to the population. Issues related to local and international healthcare practices, the universal healthcare program of Georgia and the budgeting cycle were also discussed.

The financial support to the project is provided by the Open Society Network. The project plans to cover health issues which are highly relevant to the civil society, to enhance the systematic knowledge of the society for the future advocacy in the field and for its active participation in the ongoing developments.

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