Strengthening the Delivery of Immunisation Services Through PHC Platforms-Workshop

On July 26-27, a Linked workshop on Strengthening the Delivery of Immunisation Services Through Primary Healthcare (PHC) Platforms was successfully held by Curatio International Foundation.

The collaborative learning session was held with the involvement of seven countries across the Europe-Central Asia region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) to share experiences, mitigating strategies, and good practices to address challenges pertaining to immunization and primary health care (PHC) integration, with the objective of strengthening service delivery to maintain, increase, or restore coverage levels.

The learning session was supported by the Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, Results for Development, Institute for Health Policy, World Health Organization, and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

The network is led by Curatio International Foundation (CIF), the Institute for Health Policy (IHP), and Results for Development (R4D), funded by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

The Linked Immunisation Action Network (Linked) brings together immunization practitioners, policymakers, and partners from middle-income countries to identify common immunization program challenges and the transformative solutions that will lead to greater resilience, equity, and sustainability. Through collaborative peer-to-peer learning, the network engages member countries to Understand top immunization program challenges, Facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, Support the implementation of good practices and lessons learned, Strengthen skills and capacities, and Capture and disseminate implementation experiences.

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