Customer Satisfaction Research Report on Corporate Health Insurance Released

Curatio International Foundation releases report on Customer Satisfaction Research on Corporate Health Insurance. The report was supported by International Health Budget Monitoring Initiative of the Open Society Institute. The research prepared by the three experts of CIF (Marine Egutia, Natia Rukhadze, Tamar Gotsadze) looks at trends of insurance market, shares of insurance types and customer satisfaction. Georgian insurance market is young, though the rapid growth is apparent. Data prompted by the National Bank of Georgia proved 33 percent growth in 2009 compared with the year 2008. The Health insurance is the most popular and occupies 68.6 percent of market structure.

The share of the insurance companies has increased since 2007 following the health financing reform launched by the Government of Georgia. The private insurance companies succeeded to attract substantial amount of state finances. Insurance of state program beneficiaries by insurance companies is being implemented in the framework of state assignments. According to 2008 year data, 18 percent of Georgian population is insured by the state. Along with this, there is a slow pace of corporate insurance development which is used by employees of public, private and non-governmental sectors. Retail insurance comprises 1 percent of market. 76 percent of the population is exposed to health risks.

The study aims to explore satisfaction of corporate clients of insurance companies and develops recommendations for further polishing and improvement of corporate insurance services. The research revealed that there is a high share/percent of not insured employees in corporate insurance schemes. Financial accessibility is one of the most noteworthy barriers for joining the insurance scheme. Not all citizens having the will to use insurance have a guaranteed opportunity to get corporate insurance.

Insurance product seems less attractive for those having the will to get insured. Insurance contracts are imperfect that often becomes the reason for customer dissatisfaction and finally leads to changes of services and vendors. Procedures for contract extension and update are complicated and have a negative impact on insured. Variety and multitude of insurance packages further complicates the process of vendor choice and decision making.

At the end the report prompts possible ways for problem solving and offers valuable recommendations on how to make corporate health insurance better and raise customer satisfaction.

Follow the link to view the full version of the report, policy brief and presentation.

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