PHC and COVID-19 Country Case Studies


5-month long project


Introduction & Overview

In 2015, the Alliance commissioned twenty PRIMASYS case studies in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, and the United Republic of Tanzania. The methodology for these twenty case studies focused on primary care, especially structures and outcomes. The Alliance is now revisiting these case studies with in-country research teams as a baseline on how countries responded to COVID from a PHC perspective. As an in-country research team, Curatio International Foundation will apply a broader lens to understand how COVID-19 has shaped Georgia’s responses across all three components of PHC and include efforts on community empowerment and engagement as well as multisectoral collaboration.

Components: While previous research has assessed experience on one of these components, few efforts have sought to review national performance across all three interrelated and synergistic components.

  1. Meeting people’s health needs through comprehensive promotive, protective, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative care throughout the life course, strategically prioritizing key health care services aimed at individuals and families through primary care and the population through public health functions as the central elements of integrated health services.
  2. Systematically addressing the broader determinants of health (including social, economic, and environmental factors, as well as individual characteristics and behavior) through multi-sectoral collaboration evidence-informed policies, and actions across all sectors; and
  3. Empowering and engaging individuals, families, and communities to optimize their health, as advocates for policies that promote and protect health and well-being, as codevelopers of health and social services, and as self-carers and caregivers.



The intention of these case studies is to identify and highlight new insights into how primary health care is not only responding to COVID-19 but also into how a more bottom-up, people-centered PHC is being delivered.

Organizations involved: AHPSR, CIF