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Mandatory Vaccination and Green Passes – Review of International Experience

Globally, the COVID-19 vaccination started at the end of 2020 and continues at a different paces in various countries.  As of December 7 2021, 8 billion doses of vaccine have been administered worldwide, and 45% of the world’s population has been fully vaccinated.

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PHC and COVID-19 Country Case Studies

The intention of these case studies is to identify and highlight new insights into how primary health care is not only responding to COVID-19, but also into how a more bottom-up, people-centered PHC is being delivered.

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Institutional, Political, Organizational and Governance (IPOG) factors that influence the government actions in the covid-19 pandemic

Project duration 10-month long project (sep2021-june2022) Introduction & Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged governments worldwide to respond urgently to control the spread of this dangerous disease but also to mitigate its impact on health, survival, and other dimensions of…

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