Discussing the accessibility of medicines in Georgia

This week, Curatio International Foundation held a workshop to discuss the accessibility of medicines in Georgia.

Together with local Civil Society representatives, we discussed an important challenge of the pharmaceutical industry, which makes it difficult for the population to get access to medicines. In Georgia, the share of payments from a pocket is still high on healthcare and consists 57% of family expenses. 2/3 of this expenditure is spent on medicines. These conditions set a third of the population under a threat of poverty.

Representatives of Civil Society Organizations speak on high prices of medicines, watch the short video:

The workshop was held in the framework of the ongoing project, that aims to enhance the Civil Society’s advocacy capabilities. The project aims to strengthen CSOs working on Health Systems to participate in the decision-making process, to assume watchdog functions, monitor enforcement of policies and advocate for better health for all. The project is funded by Open Society Foundation through proactive cooperation with Open Society Georgian Foundation.

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