Curatio International Foundation Hosts Health Systems Global Secretariat in Tbilisi, Georgia

Curatio International Foundation Hosts Health Systems Global Secretariat in Tbilisi, Georgia. Health Systems Global (HSG) is the first international membership organization fully dedicated to promoting health systems research and related knowledge translation. HSG brings together researchers, policy-makers, funders, implementers, civil society and other stakeholders from all over the world. Around 1900 HSG members work together to create, share and apply knowledge necessary for strengthening health systems globally.

Starting from March 1st, 2015 Curatio International Foundation (CIF) hosts the HSG secretariat in Tbilisi, Georgia, which was previously housed in the Center for Health and Infectious Disease Research at the University of Copenhagen. Dr George Gotsadze, Director of Curatio International Foundation assumed the role of the Executive Director of Health Systems Global. He will lead secretariat together with the teams from CIF and Inis Communication (Thailand) and will strive for the HSG to become a stronger society.

Health Systems Global organizes a symposium every two years and bring together the full range of players involved in health systems and policy research. Previous global symposia were held in Montreux, 2010, Beijing 2012, Cape Town 2014

and the fourth one will take place during November 14-18, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada and is expected to bring together around 2000 participants from around the world. Detailed information about the 4th global symposium on the Health Systems Research is avalable on the website.

In case of interest you could follow future developments at Health Systems Global on Webprofiles

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